Why it is so important to close doors during a fire

Why it is so important to close doors during a fire

Why it is so important to close doors during a fire

Do you know that it is very important to close your doors when there is fire breakout?

Closing doors during a fire is applicable to buildings and also vehicles.

Concerning vehicles, you do not need to close doors alone, you must also close your bonnet except your are with a fire extinguishing agent aim at attacking the fire.

You may ask why must I close the doors and bonnet during fire?

Here is WHY:

Looking at the fire triangle, one of the three (3) components that aids in fire generation and sustainability is Oxygen.

Fire triangle

Oxygen is a natural gas which is readily available in the air.

Also, considering the modes of fire extinguishing, one of the three (3) fire components has to be removed to extinguish any fire.

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Hence, closing the door of your building, vehicle or bonnet of your vehicle during fire, you will be succeeding in starving the fire of oxygen to continue burning. It will also prevent fire spread, confining it to one point.

At a point where oxygen have been cut out or it’s availability reduced, the fire will be extinguished or the rate of burning reduced.

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This is why you must always close your house doors, vehicle doors or vehicle bonnet during fire.


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