As Health and safety professionals, we have to understand the essence of toolbox talk in our different place of work. By so doing we will be able to pick the best toolbox talk approach that will achieve its aim.

There are different ways that HSE professionals or HSE representative present the toolbox talk, some of these approach are:

  • Preaching
  • Playing the blame game
  • Interactive



Preaching is synonymous to giving sermon in place of worship. Some attendees may be sleeping, some jesting, some doing something else outside the scope of the fellowship, some just looking with no understanding, others just lest concern.

When you tend to be preaching in a toolbox meeting, you may encounter any of the above issues, and if not handled properly the essence of the talk will be futile.


Playing the blame game:

Some HSE professionals tend to play the blame game instead of facing the root cause of every situation. The blame game demoralizes; it weakens without providing the way forward from a situation. When this pattern is adopted in the toolbox meeting, workers will attend just to fulfill all righteousness without interest in what is being done. This kind of toolbox pattern will find it difficult to give a headway in situations because the root cause of situations has not been uncovered.



Interactive toolbox talk gives an avenue for the workers to contribute to the subject of the day. It gives them the platform to air their views. This pattern gives an insight into the workers thought, challenges, and we can be of help to them. This helps grow the confidence in the HSE professionals. The secret of having an interactive toolbox talk begins with picking an interactive topic, and asking questions. By doing so, you will bring the workers into the discussion.


Now, we have assessed some toolbox talk patterns, which pattern do you think is best?

Contributions are welcome.

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