Snake bite first aid

Snake bite first aid

  1. Lay the victim down and provide reassurance. Do not move the victim unless further danger is present. Firmly apply a broad elastic bandage over the snake bite.
  2. With another elasticized bandage such as setopress, start the toe (or hand if bitten on arm) and wrap the bandage up the limb. If the bandage does not cover the entire limb, start with a new bandage at the point the last bandage finished until the limb is covered. If only one bandage is available, start at the toes/fingers and work up the limb covering the bite site as you go. The compression bandage should be firm enough to reduce lymphatic movement but not constrict blood flow. Ensure you leave the tip of the toes/fingers out to monitor circulation.
  3. Once the entire limb has been covered, marl the bite site with pen or some dirt from the ground. This is helpful for emergency services personnel. Splint the limb (Including joint) to prevent movement. For bites to the leg, this can be achieved by strapping the legs together using slings or other suitable materials. Bites to the arm can be supported in a sling splinted. Do not remove the bandage once applied. Make victim comfortable and continue to provide reassurance until emergency services arrives.



  • Do not wash the bite site
  • Do not apply a tourniquet on the limb
  • Do not attempt to cut the venom out of the limb
  • Do not attempt the suck the venom out of the limb

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