SHEQ Officer Cool Blue Rotterdam

Pitch: Head office, Weena 664, Rotterdam

Hours per week: 40 hours

Work / thinking level: Hbo


Brief Details

As a SHEQ Officer you ensure that every process within CoolblueBezorgt runs as efficiently as possible. You are allergic to waste and every day a bit (far) better (and) is your body.

  • You implement our safety plans (HSE).
  • You supervise internal and external audits.
  • You collect input on the depots and translate this into a planned approach.
  • You are the driving force behind projects concerning safety and prevention.
  • You ensure the safety of work instructions and agreements on safety and prevention.
  • You call on other Coolblue people to comply with safety and prevention agreements.

How you approach that

  • You look beyond our own depots. You look at the entire working area of ​​CoolblueBezorgt: within depots, in the buses, on the road and at the customers.
  • You ensure that all delivery people can work safely and healthily from the start of the working day until they are safely at home.
  • You continuously research the best tools to make the job of the delivery men easier
  • You look for opportunities to reduce risks in the delivery process and take preventive measures
  • You are looking for collaborations within and outside Coolblue to learn from best practices, training and tools.

How your day can look like

The morning starts with a visit to the depot. Together with a few experienced delivery men, you are testing a new tool. This tool must reduce the physical burden on delivery personnel. During your first cup of coffee, you discuss the findings of the delivery staff. What did she notice? Does it have any effect? Can they make washing machines even easier? You write down your findings so that you can discuss the outcome later with Remco, Manager CoolblueBezorgt.

In the afternoon you drive to our head office in Rotterdam. A meeting is planned to discuss the projects for the coming weeks. During the meeting, you discuss your findings and look at the backlog together with the Operations Engineers. What has the most priority? What is the fastest way for the delivery staff? You start with a project to ensure that delivery staff can go on the road even more safely. At the end of the afternoon you join the weekly meeting of all depots. Your task during this meeting is to map out any incidents. So you can get back to work with the safety of our delivery heroes even better.


You work closely with the Manager Delivery and with the Manager Safety and Quality. In addition, you work a lot with the almost 400 deliverers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We ask

  • You have a higher professional and working level.
  • Experience with improving operational processes is a plus.
  • You have at least 3 years experience working in organizations in an industrial environment where safety is very important.
  • You have a completed study HVK or Integral Safety Science.
  • You have experience with drafting and implementing RI & E.
  • You know how to convince people, communicative skills and analytical skills.

We offer

  • Money.
  • Space for new initiatives and ideas. We are always open to that. Whether you work with us for a week, a month or a year.
  • With more than 30 training sessions in our own Study Factory, you can get a little better every day.
  • Discount on all items we sell.
  • An office that you want to take pictures of, in a  top location . From Rotterdam Central it is three times before you get there. Okay, it’s a 2 minute walk.
  • Unprecedented good working atmosphere. With  freshly prepared snacks , monthly drinks at our own bar,  legendary Coolblue parties , the  best team activities  and an  informal, playful department .
  • 25 vacation days. If you promise to come back.
  • Travel allowance and pension scheme.
  • Morning concerts by colleagues who sing bad 90s hits.
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