The Police on its official Facebook page listed seven security tips which will serve as security tips for all travellers. Also on the tips released, the Police wished all travellers and Nigerians as a whole a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year ahead.

1. Avoid Night journey: Over time motorists across Nigerian have been warned against travelling at night. According to the Federal Road Safety Corps, most road crashes occur at night with a very low possibility for victims involved in the crash to get immediately needed help.

2. Avoid overspeeding: Nigerian motorists have consistently being warned against overspeeding. To curb overspeeding, the FRSC introduced the use of speed limiting device on vehicles especially those plying the highway constantly. The use of the speed limiting device has been implemented by the FRSC on commercial vehicle operators across Nigeria.

3. Be on a seat belt while driving: It is always important that both the driver of a vehicle and his/her passengers are regularly strapped on their seat belt once a journey commences. The United Nations Road Safety Collaboration in one of its report said failure to use a seat belt is a major risk factor for road traffic deaths and injuries among vehicle occupants. The UN said passengers who are not wearing seat-belts at the time of a collision account for the majority of occupant road traffic fatalities.

4. Don’t drink and drive: Drinking and driving have always been a major ‘NO’ for motorists. Relevant agencies have always warned Nigerian motorists against drinking and driving. Also, the FRSC in July 2018, said it will introduce the use of breathalyzers to test the alcoholic and drug levels of drivers on the highway. The corps said it would commence a pilot scheme on the issue for its patrol teams within Kaduna, Lagos and River State commands of the FRSC.

5. Avoid taking or giving free rides to strangers: While it has always been a good thing to help one another, it can also be noted that times have changed with more people aiming to either harm or rob unsuspecting Nigerians especially during the yuletide. In this new security tips, the Police has warned travellers to avoid either taking or giving free rides to strangers.

The UN said passengers who are not wearing seat-belts at the time of a collision account for the majority of occupant road traffic fatalities. Source: UGC With this tip, the Police is warning travellers who intend to use public transport to ensure they go to approved parks to board vehicles going to their destinations.

6. Avoid stopping on lonely roads: The Police also warned travellers to ensure that they avoid any need to stop on lonely roads. Reports have also had it that most highway robbers and ritualists perpetrate their evil acts on the lonely roads.

7. Avoid overloading: Overloading refers to the loading of a vehicle with more kilogramme or tonnes of weight or even number of passengers than the manufacturers approved for the vehicle. When you overload a vehicle it puts tons of strain on it especially the tires which can cause wear and tear. According to the FRSC, overloading of any vehicle is a traffic offence which attracts a fine of N10,000 under the Federal Road Safety Commission Establishment Act (2007). According to the FRSC, Overloading (OVL) has resulted in the loss of many lives in Road Traffic Crashes (RTC). The corps also said that people even passersby or those in other vehicle are also exposed to the risk of death or injuries when a vehicle is overloaded.




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