Reasons why you MUST maintain good housekeeping in your company

Reasons why you MUST maintain good housekeeping in your company

Have you ever walked into a place and felt literally repulsed by the environment? I mean, the place was so dirty, so untidy that you had to conjure up excuses to leave or get your business done and over with ASAP. At the end of this article “Reasons why you MUST maintain good housekeeping in your company“, you will understand why housekeeping is important.

Mine was a supposed organisation (it’s surrounding environment), and having already signed up for a program, I had to go there regularly for about a year. I learnt a great deal from the program but the overall experience was, needless to say, not very pleasant.


Unfortunately, this is very similar to many organisations. Several company owners, even in this 21st century, are yet to grasp the importance of good housekeeping (cleanliness and tidiness). And this is evident in the nonchalance with which they treat their workplace environment. Very often, you would find companies where thrash, litters and scraps are not properly disposed; equipment, files and books are unarranged; and spills (water, oil, tea, coffee) are unattended to. This is not just appalling to potential customers but is also damaging to the morale of the workers. In these organisations, there is no ethos towards cleanliness, nor is there an emphasis on housekeeping and the net result is a disoriented workplace.

This apathy towards cleanliness is transmitted from the top of the organisation. You must – as a company owner- first have (or develop!) a discontent for dirtiness in your workplace. Only then can you instill this ethos into employees and educate them as to their role in the organisation.

The reality is that ‘environmental cleanliness begins with each individual desire to be clean’ and everyone must make a concerted effort to maintain good housekeeping in the organisation. Then again, why should they? Why shouldn’t everyone be allowed to act as they please? Why should you as a company owner seek to enforce good housekeeping in your organisation?

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What you stand to gain from good housekeeping

An Increase your company’s efficiency: When materials and scraps are kept at designated locations, your company’s lost time will be reduced. This is because little or no production time will be lost in searching for materials relevant to the production process. Can you imagine the consequences to your company if employees have to spend a significant chunk of their time searching for materials? The production process will be in total disarray and the workers will be physically (and psychologically) fatigued before work even starts. Such an employee will be unable to contribute his optimum, and in addition to the time already wasted, your company’s efficiency will be diminished.


An increase in your company’s rate of production: An increase in efficiency will naturally lead to an increase in the company’s yield and production. When employees have access to materials as at when required and don’t have to run the proverbial Olympics looking for relevant materials, no downtime is lost and they are primed to perform their jobs optimally, and the overall result will be an increase in your yield. As far-fetched as it may seem (for good housekeeping to increase the rate of production), the reality is that this attention to the smallest of details is what separates the top, highly productive companies from the mass of wannabes.


A reduction in the potential of fire outbreak: Fire is essentially a chemical reaction of fuel, heat and oxygen. By placing combustible materials at designated locations- cutting off the fuel source, fire outbreak is less likely to occur in your workplace. Some combustible materials however are essential workplace furniture and the onus is on you to educate employees on the don’ts around these materials.


A reduction in the potential of injuries and harm to staff:  By proactively ensuring cleanliness and tidiness in your workplace; slips, trips and falls are less likely to occur and employees are safer as a result. An untended liquid spill may cause a slip, which depending on the materials nearby and nature of impact, may have life-changing consequences for the employee. Besides, if in the unfortunate event of, say, a fire outbreak and the emergency exit point has been blocked by scraps, or the key to the door carelessly handled and nowhere to be found, the consequences may be catastrophic for the organisation.


To save money: What if the metal scrap lying in some corner of the organisation is an essential ingredient in the production process? It wouldn’t be cost-effective, nor would it adhere to the principles of conservation if the scrap is re-bought. Additionally, in the event of injury or harm to employees, owing to poor housekeeping, the legal, medical and compensation costs will be yours to bear and may, depending on the size of your company, have damaging affect on your income.


To make employees (and you) happier: Wasn’t it Marie Kondo who surmised that ‘the objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment’. Employee morale, as previously alluded to, will be significantly boosted in a cleaner environment. A happier employee is better placed to contribute their talent to the growth of the company. Wouldn’t you – the employer like to live in a happier environment? And, be happy yourself?


To enhance your company’s perception and preserve its future: Visitors and prospective partners will have a higher estimation of your company if it’s clean and tidy as opposed to dirty and cluttered. And they would be more likely to return and do business. These deals will not just keep your company afloat, but will ensure it thrives.

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There you have it – “The 7 reasons why you must absolutely maintain good housekeeping in your company”. Can you think of any other reason? Or, would you like to share your experience in an untidy, cluttered company. Hit us up in the comment section.


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