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It is the duty of every workplace to provide its workers with a safe and secure environment to work in. Risks are always there because workplaces, like different industries, handle various chemicals and gases that could lead to a big explosion. It is crucial to conduct a survey of the workplace for DSEAR Assessments. DSEAR requires all employers to assess the risk of any potential fires and explosions that could result from certain substances. A single negligence of yours could cause an explosion that would result in hundreds of wrongful deaths. Moreover, the environment will be affected badly, and the effects of explosions and fire breakouts persist for a long time.

DSEAR applies to any workplace where there is a hazardous substance that threatens the safety of the employees. Any place that makes use of gases under high pressures should be assessed beforehand, and preventative measures should be taken. Many workplaces handle corrosive material and aerosols with flammable propellants. These activities are a big threat to everyone around and make DSEAR assessments a must for such workplaces.

The following are some measures and controlling risks that should be taken by the employer. These measures ensure the maximum safety of the employees.

Eliminate the risk

The best thing is to eliminate the risk completely. You can consider replacing the substance that could be a potential cause of a fire breakout or explosion with another substance that doesn’t pose such hazards. All employers should try their level best to reduce dangerous substances from the workplace.  However, eliminating the substance as a whole could be a difficult process as your whole work could be depending on it, but life and safety come first, and for that, you can compromise for a little less by using a less harmful substance.

Introduce a good ventilation system

A good ventilation system will ensure that all the toxic gases that have the potential to react with each other would be eliminated. This will reduce the chance of all the gases accumulating up to create a dangerous environment inside. You can consider releasing them to a safe place or by distillation, which can separate them and release them separately.

Avoid adverse conditions

You should keep a controlled environment inside to make sure everything stays in control. At times, you are handling chemicals that require great care and stay in their normal form under certain temperatures. However, if you don’t keep a check on the inside temperature or the control settings, this could lead to the chemical reaction, and this may be a cause of a big explosion. Most of the chemicals are very particular and catchy to the temperature changes, so make sure you maintain a controlled environment inside.

Provide a DSEAR workshop to employees

Another way to reduce the risks at the workplace is to provide your employees with all the necessary information on DSEAR. You can tell them about various strategies to get out of the workplace in case a fire breaks out. This will help them to act smartly in case of any emergency.

By Ubong Edet

A passionate Health and Safety professional with a good level of field experience and relevant certifications including NEBOSH, OSHA, ISO, etc certifications. An Health and Safety activist who believes in the growth and continual improvement of the profession. He is going all out to create awareness and safe precious lives.

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