8 Reasons you should be scared of local herbs

Local herbs have been a mainstay in the treatment of different ailments. It has been verified to contain lots of medicinal components which works individually and in combination.

Local herbs have been a revelation in tackling diseases, and have been wonderful in its outcome.

It has been the cheapest treatment target especially for individual the low economic class.

But as a drug, it is not without effects and limitation. Since the effect and limitation could result to catastrophe if not used properly; that is where this article will help out.

This article, “8 reasons you should be scared of local herbs” does not aim at discouraging the use of local herbs, but to make us more cautious while using them.


8 Reasons you should be scared of local herbs

  • If the dosage is not pronounced, you should be scared of it. This is because you will not know when you have taken it overdose. The effect of taking it overdose may be disastrous.
  • It can be a poison in combination.
  • If you are not sure of the preparation. How the herb is extracted need to be considered; is it with water or ethanol? You need to know that, to be sure if it suit your system.
  • The contraindication may be vague. Not specifying who should take and who should not. Some herbs that have been beneficial to some people have also caused problem for others. For example, some pregnant women have lost their pregnancy because of drinking certain concoction which are not good for their pregnancy.
  • If you are not sure of the best way to preserve it; you should be scared. This is because you may not know what it may turn into if kept overnight if not properly preserved.
  • If the herbs has not been scientifically assessed and widely examined. Using it will make you susceptible to the negative effect if there is any.
  • Trying to manually prepare the herbal product yourself aside from the recognized product. You may be getting yourself into trouble. For example, after carrying out a phyto-chemical comparison between the Total Aloe vera product of GNLD and the crude extract of Aloe Barbadensis Miller, it was discovered that the poisonous part of the plant had been removed from the Total Aloe Vera product of the GNLD which was seen in the Aloe Barbadensis Miller crude extract. Someone may decide to prepare the product, not knowing how to remove  the poisonous content, he may end up killing himself.
  • Poorly understood herbs can be difficult to tackle if complication arises.

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