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Your HSE certification serves as your license as a Health and Safety professional. Health and safety is no doubt one of the best paid profession at present, but you will need to acquire relevant certifications that will give you an edge over other competitors for the limited but competitive opportunities that are available.   Before you are recognized as a Health and safety professional and be able to compete for the limited opportunities, you have to follow a particular career path. Your career path will either enhance your progress in the profession or delay your progress.

A lot of people have been misled in their pursuit of career in Health and safety because of lack of useful information and guidance.

This article aims to be a guide to HSE professionals who have made some mistakes and upcoming professionals to help minimize the level of mistakes as they pursue a career in health and safety.

Career path for HSE certification

Progress in the Health and Safety Profession begins with basic HSE certification before the advanced courses.

I will divide HSE certification in two (2) group

  • Fundamental certifications
  • Supplementary certifications

Fundamental HSE certifications:

These qualifications cover the rudiment of health and safety. They are the corner-stone of the profession on which every other qualification falls to. These are the qualification that will stand you out in the profession, because it is on these basis that your are categorized. These qualifications include:

  • Health and Safety  level 1 certification
  • Health and Safety level 2 certification
  • Health and Safety level 3 certification
  • Advanced Health and Safety certification
  • Loss prevention certification
  • NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC)
  • NEBOSH National Certificate
  • NEBOSH Construction Certificate
  • NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate
  • NEBOSH Diploma
  • IOSH Managing safely Certificate
  • OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 Occupational Health and safety lead auditors Certification.
  • Certified Safety Practitioner (CSP) Certificate.
  • Cerified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM) Certificate, etc.

Supplementary HSE certification

To be successful in the Health and Safety profession, these supplementary certifications are also very invaluable. They will help keep you abreast with the different aspect of the profession, and also enhance your expertise.

Here are some of the supplementary Health and Safety Certifications:

  • Asbestos Awareness (Category A)
  • CDM Regulations
  • OSAH 30 hours construction training
  • Work At Height
  • Ladder Safety
  • Facilities Management
  • Legionella and Legionnaires’ Disease Awareness Course
  • Manual Handling Awareness
  • Risk Assessment Certificate
  • DSEAR certificate
  • COMAH Certificate
  • PUWER Certificate
  • PPE Certificate
  • Abrasive Wheels Certificate
  • RIDDOR Certificate
  • LOLER Certificate
  • Working in Confined Spaces Certificate
  • Lone Working Certificate
  • Workplace First Aid Certificate
  • Paediatric First Aid certificate
  • Anaphylaxis Awareness Certificate
  • Food Allergen Awareness Certificate
  • Food Labeling Requirements Certificate
  • COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Certificate
  • COSHH for Clinical Environments Certificate
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Infection Control and Prevention
  • Slips, Trips and Falls Certificate
  • Managing Health & Safety Certificate
  • Office Health & Safety Certificate
  • Electrical Safety Certificate
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Certificate
  • Environmental Awareness Certificate
  • Display Screen Equipment Awareness Certificate
  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessor Certificate

If you want to be well positioned for Health and Safety opportunities, you need to concentrate more on acquiring the fundamental certifications first. The supplementary certifications will give you and added advantage.

See where you can enroll for these certifications here

See more information about Cerified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM) Certificate.

See more information about Certified Safety Practitioner (CSP) Certificate.


Best of luck in your career pursuit.

By Ubong Edet

A passionate Health and Safety professional with a good level of field experience and relevant certifications including NEBOSH, OSHA, ISO, etc certifications. An Health and Safety activist who believes in the growth and continual improvement of the profession. He is going all out to create awareness and safe precious lives.

79 thoughts on “10 Top HSE Certification you must have”
  1. Good day how do I go about achieving the fundamentals. I already have hse 1-3.how do I go about the rest

      1. please someone told me about Nebosh. I want more clarification before attending the training


        1. NEBOSH is a must have certification for all HSE professionals. It is well recognized and will boost your knowledge base in Health and safety; it is also one of the major requirement for most HSE jobs.

          There are lots of NEBOSH certifications, but the starting point is the NEBOSH IGC. Plan to enroll

  2. i already have a certificate on HSE 1&2, does that alone qualify me as a certified HSE practitional?

          1. Sir I appreciate ur efforts to help people.
            Please I’m currently serving and I want to do HSE 1,2,3 with a chartered institute of human resource management. But now am scared if their certification is recognized. Or can u send me d right source?? Their own is cheep though for corpers. Thanks!

  3. Could someone be considered at HSE professional level when one already completed 192 hour – Oil and Gas Safety and health Manager from OSHAcademy and be eligible to employment?

    1. It is just an avenue to upgrade your knowledge base, but do not add much professionalism to your CV; recruiters do not consider.

  4. I am currently enrolling for HSE 1-3. Can these boost someone employment opportunity.

    Also, what if someone does not have other Nebosh certification.

  5. Having gotten my HSE LEVEL 123
    Which other professional courses related can i add to be certified as an on shore and off-shore safety officer

      1. I have NEBOSH IGC in addition to second degree in environmental engineering, , am i qualified to enroll for BCSP? how do I start

  6. Dear Ubong,
    Need your advice.
    Please be informed that currently I work as Lead H&S Specialist in Worley Turkey, construction of compressor and metering stations. I hold NEBOSH International Diploma and need to get training and certifications in order to work in USA. My plan is to move to USA and work there next year.

    Could you please advise which training are required in order to work as HSE Professional in USA?
    Best regards,
    Muslum Mahmudov

    1. Your NEBOSH Diploma is recognized in USA. What may be required of you will be industry specific certification, and this will depend on your industry of interest.

  7. Hi Bro, your post is really educating.

    I am chatting from the angle of an internal auditor [with accounting background] in a renowned and leading catering coy in Nigeria. I view my work from the risk angle so I have a wide range of aspect I regards as threat to our continuity. An unhygienic environment is a unsafe environment that surely will affect the going concern of our coy.

    We recently had an international inspectors in our coy. Very professional inspector with sound HSE Knowledge and carried all along with educating awareness of the dangers of our noncompliance.

    I admire his work seriously and will want to be as professional as he is too.

    Kindly guide my journey as an internal auditor with accounting background to having a basic HSE certification.

    1. To be an internal auditor, you need to be grounded with good Health and Safety knowledge and legal requirement.

      With basic HSE certification, what you need to do is to plan for – NEBOSH IGC certificate, after that you plan for ISO 45001(Occupational Health and Safety Lead Auditors Course).

      With these certifications, you must have acquired the necessary knowledge.

      What you will need next is the auditing experience. You can acquire this by attaching with a seasoned auditor to under-learn from him.

  8. Good day sir. I’m a BSc holder of Zoology and Environmental Biology. Do I need to start going for HSE certificates and build from there or do I need to go for a Masters before going for certifications?

  9. Good day sir…. Please I have some few questions to ask??
    1. Please is OSHA certificates recognized in Nigeria?
    2. Do I have to go for HSE1-3 before I can go for Nebosh?
    3. Apart from These, which other certificates could lead me to the path of being a safety professional?

    1. 1. OSHA courses only help improve your skill base, but not considered by employers in Nigeria.
      2. No. Just that the HSE level 1-3 proficiency courses will help improve your chances of passing NEBOSH as it will help set the state for better understanding.
      3. NEBOSH is the starting point before you go for other certifications based on your interest and need.

      1. so one can practically skip HSE123 to do NEBOSH directly…
        also if NEBOSH is the starting point then HSE123 is not useful…is that what you are say sir

        1. Though you can skip HSE 1,2&3; it does mean they are useless. HSE 1,2 & 3 are called proficiency courses as it gives you the much needed background to upgrade the higher HSE qualification. To some young professionals, it may be difficult to pass your NEBOSH without basic HSE 1,2&3 certification.

  10. hi sir,
    i am from malaysia.may i know which certificate that suits me to go international/abroad?looking forward to expand my knowledge and experiences .
    For now,i am a competent safety officer that recognized by Malaysian government.

  11. does HSE level 1-3 proficiency apply for one that wants to pursue a career in environment?

    what is the equivalent of NEBOSH IGC for someone that is strictly in environment?


    1. HSE 1,2&3 have environmental element embedded into it, it is more centered on occupational health and safety.

      If you want to start a career in Environmental studies, you need to get a degree in environmental science either in Bachelor level or in Masters level.

      Though NEBOSH IGC also cover environmental scope, there is NEBOSH environmental Certificate which centers more on environmental management.

  12. ok, thank you so much.

    yes i have a degree in geology and pg in environmental management.

    i am just looking for certifications to suit my industry pursuit.

    i will look into the NEBOSH environmental certificate.

    thanks a lot!

  13. Hello,

    Thank you for this article. For my part I have a master’s degree in HSE which I carried out in France. After my master’s, I held positions of HSE Coordinator for 3 years. Soon I plan to settle in the United States. Not knowing the American regulations in terms of safety, what certification do you recommend so that I can find work in the USA. Second, are my professional experiences in France sufficient to find work in the USA in HSE

    1. Although M.Sc Certification is higher than NEBOSH IGC, I will advice that you enroll for NEBOSH IGC, if your financial muscle permits, you can move up to get certified with NEBOSH DIP. This is because NEBOSH is a professional certification and it is more valued by most recruiters than M.Sc certificate.

      Also, to work in US, you need to be conversant with OSHA standards as that is what guide Health and Safety performance in the US.

      In my trend, I will advice you start with OSHA 10 & 30hrs training before you move up to NEBOSH IGC, afterwards NEBOSH Diploma.

      Your professional experience is France will still be very invaluable in US.

      Thank you

  14. Good day sir. Imesere ooo. please sir, i hold HSE 2& 3 certificate from PMPI. Can I proceed directly to NEBOSH-IGC? And is PMPI HSE 2& 3 recognised? Thank you sir.

  15. Hi,

    I am looking to further my HSE certification and pursue a career path, i currently have the CIEH level 2 certificate which i’m told is no longer relevant. What exams do you advise i write and i am also looking for mentorship

  16. Hello Mr Ubong gud evening,I ve bsc in environmental science n resource management,please which of safety program ll be of help to me to work in an oil company or international organization

  17. Sir I appreciate ur efforts to help people.
    Please I’m currently serving and I want to do HSE 1,2,3 with a chartered institute of human resource management. But now am scared if their certification is recognized. Or can u send me d right source?? Their own is cheep though for corpers. Thanks!

  18. Sir am am processing HSE 1,2,3. Now but they told us DAT the price of the certificate is 16,500 but with all like practical and the handout every thing is 22,000 but my question is can I get a job with that certificate in nigeria, but the course is offer by onshore and offshore safety institute.

  19. Sir I’m a graduate of industrial chemistry currently serving with am interest in the oil and gas sector. Which professional certificate will be the best fit towards advancing in that area

  20. Hi Ubong,
    For someone in the hospitality industry, i feel the need for a safety course.
    Can i register for Nebosh without HSE1-3.

  21. good day sir, i just got certified for HSE level 1,2 and 3, i also have bchm as 1st degree, then mph almost done. what next do you advice i do, to be more relevant and professional. tho i intend to study geriatrics later later.

  22. Good day sir……please i have a few questions
    1) is Novelle center HSE 1,2,3 recognised ( I ask this because I’m currently serving and they offer discount for corpers)
    2) I studied environmental education and would love to know if wen i obtain the HSE1,2,3….i would be considered a professional safety officer

  23. Please sir I want to know if novelle HSE 1,2,3 is recognized because I’m currently serving and they offer discount for corpers

  24. Greetings brother…
    Please I’m completely new to HSE 1,2,3 attaining.
    I studied business education graduated 2015…but learnt hydra, telehandler and forklift operations.

    But I want to step into HSE profession.
    Please I need your advice.
    And a recommendation

  25. Good morning sir. I have HND in environmental health Technology, have also done HSE 2. Do you advise I do direct entry to get BSC since most company considered BSC over HND. OR should I register for NEBOSH IGC. PLEASE KINDLY ADVISE L THANKS.

  26. Hi, I want to have NEBOSH IGC? but they told me to start with IOSH MANAGING SAFELY. please tell me what certificate should I start with and will IOSH managing safely will give me chances to get a job with it?

  27. Thank you so much Mr ubong for responding to questions. Pls 🙏 I want to ask.
    Am about to register for HSE exam with Ispon, I was told by the branch secretary that I don’t need to do hse 1 and 2 because I have bachelor degree . That I only need to do general HSE and do HSE level 3. With this suggestions. Am I on the right track? .
    Actually I am currently working as a security officer and I decided to switch to safety job. Can work with general HSE and level 3. While planing to do my nebosh IGC?

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