Apart from securing your home with security doors, window protectors, there are devices that will boost the safety of your home; These are the Home safety devices. Some that you cannot do without are:

  1. LCD peephole viewer
  2. LED TV simulator
  3. Smoke detector


LCD peephole viewer (Home safety devices)

Lcd peephole viewer

This device is attached to you door to provide a good view of who is outside before you open your door. It provides a better view than the normal peephole.

This device is easy to install. You can do it on your own without the services of an electrician.

Since it may be difficult to see through in the night; it is advised that you create illumination at the front of your door. This illumination will help you see through in the night.

It is a device you really need on your doors to provide additional safety in your homes.

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LED TV simulator (Home safety devices)

LED TV simulator

This simulator device makes your building look occupied even when you are not at home.

It has four settings (on, off, dusk plus four hours and dusk plus seven hours) and a built-in light sensor which turns the TV simulator off automatically if other light is detected. When set to one of the dusk settings, the device will automatically turn its self on at dusk and will remain on for the selected amount of time. It consumes the same power as a night-light and is a great alternative to leaving your electricals switched on.

The LED TV simulator innovative burglar deterrent device uses computer-controlled, super-bright, multi-color LEDs to simulate the changing light, scene changes, fades, swells, flickers, on-screen motion, and color changes just like a real television. When positioned correctly in a room, the effect of someone watching television inside is perfectly replicated to anyone who happens to be standing outside. A thief would more than likely not take any chances, skip your house and hopefully just move onto your neighbor’s.

There has been a report that this product can expose you to chemicals including one or more listed chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. So I will advice that you do not use it when you are at home.


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Smoke detector (Home safety devices)

Smoke detector

Smoke detector is a device that detects smoke in your home. It sense smoke probably as an indicator of fire. We know that smoke is one of the out-put of fire, so smoke detector provides the early warning for the existence of fire in your home. This early detection can help put off the fire on time before it turns into an inferno to cause more damage.

Fire breakout has been on the rise in every sector including homes. Stay alert, install smoke detector in your home.

I believe you can see how important this device is. You cannot afford to lack it in your home.

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