First aid for Fracture

First aid for Fracture

  1. Try to maintain the patient still and composed to prevent unnecessary movement arising out of anxiety and fear. Do not move the victim except he is in danger.
  2. Examine the person closely for the presence of other injuries and call for medical help. If medical help is quickly available, hand over the patient to them for further treatment.
  3. If there is a break in the skin surface, it can be rinsed to remove any visible dirt or other potential contamination. However, rigorous flushing or scrubbing of the wound should be avoided.
  4. The broken bones can be immobilized with either a splint or string. Rolls of newspaper or strips of wood can be used. It is important to immobilize the area both above and below the injured bone.
  5. Ice pack can be applied to reduce pain and swelling. Place gently over the site of the fracture (Not to be placed directly over the open wound).






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