Dangers of self medication:

Self medication could be synonymous to drug abuse.

Dangers of self medication explain the risk involved in taking medication without proper medical prescription by a medical personnel. Self medication has sent a lot of people to the grave early.

Drug is a chemical substance which has the capacity to alter the function of the body.  The act of treating an ailment with drug is known as medication.

Though medication normally should be a positive act, but if done wrongly it could result in a tragic situation.

In Nigeria, most of us are guilty of this act. Some caused by poverty, or by carelessness. None of the reasons behind the act abate the danger related with it.

People get involved in self medication in two forms:

  • Use of English drugs
  • Use of herbs

None of this form of self medication is advisable. Complications with English drug could be easily arrested since the pharmacokinetics must have been elucidated, but that of herbs may be worse if the herbs are poorly known individually or in combination.

Dangers of self medication

  1. Self medication delays response time: When a proper medical attention would have been sought for, self medication will make u linger for the outcome of the treatment before trying something else.
  2. Self medication can worsen the situation: When the correct medical treatment is not taken early, the situation could worsen.
  3. Damage of related structures: While waiting on the outcome of self medication, the ailment may spread to related structures, causing damage to them.
  4. Since the medication is taken blindly, and the contraindication not taken into consideration, the drug could cause an additional problem. It could cause miscarriage in pregnant women, may result in crises in patient with high blood pressure or diabetes, etc.
  5. When herbs are used for self medication and it result to complication, the chain of the reaction may be difficult to break if the if its pharmacokinetic is poorly understood.
  6. Self medication could result in death caused by multiple damages.


In summary, avoid self medication as much as possible, seek proper medical attention. Do not patronize roadside self acclaimed medical personnel.

Remember, health is wealth. Your health is too important to be taken lightly.

Dangers of self medication are real, act to avoid it.

Why people self medicate

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